Our legal Services are experienced and distinguished in the fields of civil, criminal, constitutional law, intellectual property, and corporate law. Our law firm has years of experience in such areas.

Cyber Crime expert Lawyers

Cybercrime is an area that is becoming more and more complex from a legal point of view. The lawyers have extensive experience working with cybercrime legislation and defends both those accused of cyber crimes and those who are affected by them. his dedicated team has experienced to advise you at every stage of your case.

Criminal Defence Lawyers

The Company's team of criminal defence lawyers are fearless in protecting their clients’ interests. They are at the forefront of criminal defence work, constantly deploying groundbreaking legal, human rights scientific evidence on behalf of their clients. They lead in this field for over 20 years and their approach to criminal defence work..

Expert Family Lawyers

A team from a Company with experience in the field of family law. They offer their customers free advice. The team of experts handles divorce, adoption, custody and guardianship cases, child adoption cases and judicial marriages. Family law cases heard before a family judge according to the family rules..

IP Rights Infringement

Company lawyers can help protect your intellectual property rights. They give you a complete picture of the threats you are facing and the tools to deal with them. Their innovative technology helps combine intelligence and machine learning to take big action, and their research team helps reduce online intellectual property infringement quickly..

Expert Corporate Lawyers

The Company's team of experts in corporate law that helps its clients to grow, develop and achieve their commercial and strategic goals. They assist in all stages of the business life cycle, from creation to expansion through acquisitions, forging strategic alliances such as joint ventures, raising capital, and ultimately a sale or other exit event.

Intellectual Property Lawyers

A team of experienced intellectual property attorneys with a good track record in the field of intellectual property protection. Because brand, reputation and intellectual property affect every business. Our national team of intellectual property lawyers can help you manage risk and make the most of your intellectual property.

Money Laundering Expert Lawyers

Money laundering is increasing day by day, it is the process of making money from crimes like arms smuggling under the guise of a legitimate business. Because such proceeds of crime are considered dirty. Similarly, the process often occurs in three main stages, placement, layering, and integration.

Madrid Protocol Now in Pakistan

Madrid System on 24 February 2021 and ratified it on 24 May 2021. This means that trademark holders can apply for protection in 124 countries by filing one application and paying one set of fees. In addition to the same system, applicants can modify, update or expand their global trademark portfolio through a centralized system.

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