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Court Marriage Procedure:

  • Pakistan’s constitution grants the right to freely choose someone through adopting Court Marriage Procedure. The legal procedure for Court Marriage in Pakistan is very simple. The wishing couple must fulfil several requirements as follows:
  • The age of marriage according to Islam is the age of puberty. And according to the Law, the age of marriage is the age of majority, which is 18 years old;
  • Marriage in Pakistan is always with the opposite sex. Lesbian or homosexual marriage in Pakistan is a punishable offence;
  • The wedding couple must have free consent to perform nikah;

Documents Required for Court Marriage:

Court Marriage Procedure takes only 1 to 2 hours. Furthermore, all you need to do is contact us at least an hour before you decide to have your love marriage before court so we can make arrangements and complete your work within time.

  • According to Court Marriage Procedure willing wedding Couple require to valid CNIC, Metric Certificate (If available), Form-B issued from NADRA office;
  • If the partner is a foreigner, you must provide a Passport.
  • There must be two witnesses to the marriage.
  • 4+4 Photograph of passport size of the bride and groom;
  • Affidavit of the bride will be required;
  • In the case of the bride’s second marriage, a valid divorce or death certificate of the deceased Ex-Husband.
  • In the case of the groom’s second marriage, valid leave from the first wife or the Arbitration Board.

After the wedding / court marriage, in accordance Court Marriage Procedure  the Company of Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co. send Nikahnama for registration. Also record maintain before NADRA office and NADRA issue Court Marriage certificate.

To get our Court Marriage service by online, you can call us to discuss your matter. The Company always welcome with confidence. The Company never disclose your personal information to anyone. And maintain the confidentiality of information about his clients. You can trust our ability to help you in the most effective way. In addition the Company also offer online marriage legal assistance in Pakistan. We provide the best legal services with affordable fees. Our Court Marriage legal service is available in Karachi and Islamabad.

Furthermore please be aware that there are no specific court fees for marriage in Pakistan. Your costs depend on the services and experience of an experienced lawyer, including your current location and the mailing address to which you wish to send your marriage documents after registration. A marriage certificate issued by a court after due process of law is conclusive evidence of marriage.

Legal Protection for Marriage in Court?

Pakistani laws provide full legal protection for a married couple. In addition, the law gives women and men who wish to marry the right to live together after being court married. Furthermore the right to marry in Pakistan is a basic right, and Pakistani laws provide full legal protection to a spouse who applies for marriage in court in Pakistan. 

Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co., is a well know aware to Court Marriage Procedure law. Moreover the Company is providing legal services in relation to litigation in Islamabad and Karachi. It also handles foreign marriages in Pakistan and provides services to Pakistani nationals/foreign nationals who wish to marry in Pakistan or register their marriage in Pakistan.


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