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Once applied, the name of the availability for Company Registration Process. If we get the name approval from the SECP when the Company Registration Process begins. Because choosing a Company name is the first step when registering a Company in Pakistan.

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How to register a company in Pakistan (SECP)?

It’s important to come up with a unique Company name that sets you apart from the rest of the industry. You must follow the restrictions and instructions. For example, make sure your Company name contains no off-limits words.

Documents required for the registration of a company:

The Memorandum and Articles of association is basic document that explain all the purposes of Company registration. In addition, the basic purpose of Company Registration Process is to engage in general contractors, trading companies, and other businesses. To complete the process of registering a Company in Pakistan, all businesses that the Company plans to do must be listed in a memorandum of understanding. Contains all the rules of the operating Company. How to manage directors, such as how a general meeting of a Company is held in the process of Company registration in Pakistan.

Form 1:

Form 1 for Company Registration Process is essentially a statement from one of the directors of the Company that is about to register. Form 1 can be downloaded from the Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission website. This is another mandatory component of the Pakistan Company registration process.

Form 21:

Form 21 is a form through which the address of a Company undergoing the PakistanCompany Registration Process is communicated to the registrar.

Form 29:

Form 29 contains information about directors of a Company that is going through the Company Registration Process a Company in Pakistan.

SECP certificate OF Incorporation verification

After complying with all legal processes. The SECP department can verify the validity of digital signatures granted by the National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT) and obtain them through SECP.

The registration certificate is issued by SECP.

How to start a business in Pakistan?

If you are willing invest in Pakistan, please contact us. Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co. handles Company registration process on behalf of you.

Here’s what you need to send us to get started:

  1. Name & addresses of shareholders;
  2. Amount of share capital each shareholder
  3. Copies of CNIC shareholder
  4. Proposed Company names (It is advisable to propose three name)

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Company Registration Process

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