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Intend to prevent or reduce corruption. Intention or intention to prevent or reduce corruption (illegal, bad or dishonest behavior, especially by those in positions of power) The President has promised that the anti-corruption watchdog will be fully independent.

What is Anti Corruption Trial?

Where Corruption exists in all societies in various forms and degrees. There is Anti-Corruption Trial also available in Pakistan has struggled to contain corruption, first in the public sector. And also subsequently in the private sector. In addition to establishing supervision and regulation mechanism in the form of parliamentary committees on public accounts, auditor general and ombudsman offices, regulatory bodies, and departmental mechanisms. The main Pakistan’s efforts have focused on the adoption of Anti-Corruption Trial laws and enforcement through the Corruption Investigation Agencies (ACIA), i.e. National Bureau of Reporting (NAB), Federal Agency of Investigation (FIA), and provincial Anti-Corruption Institutions (ACE).

Anti corruption complaint Pakistan?

The Prevention of Corruption Act of 1947 was passed to introduce effective provisions to prevent bribery and corruption in Pakistan. Furthermore, the law applies to all of Pakistan and applies to all Pakistani citizens and government officials wherever they are. For the purposes of this Law, “civil servant” means a civil servant as defined (section 21) of the Pakistan Penal Code 18 (section 5) of the Act.

Moreover the law defines the criminal misconduct of a civil servant and prescribes punishment of up to seven years or a fine, or both. Criminal conduct includes obtaining remuneration, monetary gain or any other valuable possessions for a government official for himself or for any other person without remuneration. He also declares the unlawful use of the property entrusted to him and the possession by him or his dependents of any property that goes beyond his known sources of income, a crime punishable under the same section. The Law made the offenses provided for in Articles 161, 162, 163, 164, 165 or 165-A of the PPC eligible for the purposes of action under this Law.

Pakistan also has another Anti-Corruption Act, 1961, which repealed the Prevention of Bribery and Corruption Act (xxiv 1950).

Furthermore following laws are also available for anti-corruption:

How we treat our clients?

We have a well-known company in Anti-Corruption Trial mechanisms and laws in Pakistan. Our team is fully educated and has good knowledge of the local cultures of Eastern jurisdictions. Although the country exists to provide its citizens with freedom from poverty, freedom from slavery, and quality of life in which they can live without fear of injustice and tyranny. Nothing harms these goals more than government corruption. ” (Pakistan National Anti-Corruption Strategy, 2002).

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