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The latest Supreme Court judgment on maintenance to wife Pakistan is “A Muslim husband is bound to maintain his wife even if no term in this regard is agreed to between them at the time of marriage or she can maintain herself out of her own resources,” observed Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah in a judgment he wrote.

Recovery of Dowry Articles

Procedure to Recover Dowery Articles (Jahez):

Recovery of Dowry Articles are Gift or Jahaz give parents to the bridal during her marriage in Pakistan. In case of divorce or dispute between husband and wife. The right to the same gift or Dowry Articles remains with the wife. Hence the wife cannot deprived of this right by her husband or family. Also, we come into your knowledge the Company consists of the best experienced professional lawyers who help you choose an effective approach to resolving internal disputes to get an effective, fast and inexpensive outcome through the justice system in Pakistan. additionally it fully equipped and aware of the ongoing reforms and updates of Pakistani family laws. However, if you have any questions please contact.

In addition, a family suit for recovery of Dowry article files on behalf of a plaintiff in family court through an attorney. Family Court on the basis of witnesses to direct the defendant to return the dowry articles to the plaintiff.

Relevant Legislation for Family Cases as follows:


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Recovery of Dowry Articles

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