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Is it possible to get a patent and keep the invention secret?

A Patent in Pakistan is a government grant that grants the inventor, for a limited period of 20 years, exclusive rights to make, use, and sell an invention.

In addition, granting a patent makes it impossible for others to make, use, or sell the invention. Since patents are granted in relation to products, they include: making, importing, offering for sale, selling and using a product, holding such a product for the purpose of offering for sale, sale or use.

When patents are granted in relation to a process, they include the use of the process or the performance of any of the acts referred to in paragraph (a) in respect of a product obtained directly from the process.

Lawyer for Patent of Pakistan known as Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co. Patent law in Pakistan is currently governed by the Patents (Amendment) Act 2010 as well as the Patent Regulations 2003. In addition under the Act, a patent is a specific right to make, use and sell an invention for a limited period of time.

Filing a Provisional Patent?

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Which Laws Apply to get Patent Rights in Pakistan?

We provide and promises to Protect your Invention under the Pakistan patent act and Patent Ordinance of 2000 with reasonable patent filing fees. A patent is an exclusive monopoly granted by the Government to an inventor over his invention for a prescribed period of time. Provides an enforceable legal right to prevent others from exploiting an invention. The invention, as defined in the Law, means a new product or process that involves an inventive step and that can be applied industrially.

Is Patent a Powerful Right? and How to register a patent in Pakistan?

Patents are one of the most powerful intellectual property rights. Registering a patent gives the patent owner the exclusive right to use, manufacture, or sell his invention during the term of the patent. Hence this means Protect your Invention cannot make, use, distribute, or sell commercially without the consent of the patent owner. In principle, patent rights can enforce in court.

How much does a Patent filing Fee  in Pakistan?

The Patent Registration Process of patenting typically involves conducting prior art searches to distinguish the invention and develop a description that illustrates the best method of working the invention. Because the description of the invention is call specification. Depending upon the sufficiency of the description a specification may be either provisional or complete Specification.

What is Patent Registration and what is the Claim?

Claims are the most important part of the patent specification, as it is the legal part that defines and determines the legal protection sought. The scope of patent protection for an invention is to determine the terms of the claims. The description and the accompanying drawings can use to interpret the claims.


Drawing is also the most important part of the Patent Application. It requires to contain drawings if drawing is necessary to describe the invention. Especially product inventions other than chemicals. The drawing file on a separate sheet with a prescribed margin of the following page/sheet:

Top 2.5 cm,

Left 2.5 cm,

Right 1.5 cm, and

Bottom 1.0 cm.

Particularly no title of the invention or any descriptive matter mention in the drawings. Only numeral references mention in different parts of the diagram according to Rule 11 of the Patent Rules 2003.

File a Patent in Pakistan:

Particularly according to the Pakistani Patent Act, the Patent Registration Process start by filing a patent application by the true and first inventor or his agent or successor on behalf of the Company. In the latter case. Usually, the inventor or inventors must agree to the application in the presence of two witnesses.

How to Priority Claim?

A conventional priority claimed specification must attach to the application. The specification must be on A4 paper with a margin of at least 2 cm at the top, right, and bottom of the paper.

In short with regard to conventional patent applications, a priority claim is permissible with regard to patent applications filed in member states of the Paris Agreement or in one of the member states of the WTO.

The conventional application file within twelve months of the priority application in Pakistan. A certified copy of the application on which the priority base submit at the time of filing in Pakistan or within three months thereafter.

Required Form P-1 and Priority Claim Request P-2. The preliminary application submits to the Patent Office within 12 months of filing. After that If an invention is under development, a preliminary specification containing additional material submit within the 12 month period.

Further for filing a patent application in Pakistan, we require following document list of patents in Pakistan:

  • Name of the applicant, nationality, and complete business address

  • Three copies of specifications in the English language

  • Drawings (if any), one set of white paper

  • Application Forms with signatures

  • Power of Authority

  • Priority documents

If the priority application is in a language other than English, a certified review of the English translation of the priority document provide along with the real English translation.

All of these preliminary specifications can combine into a single one with a series of numbered paragraphs called the claim. Consequently, the claims define the monopoly.

What is an Invention?

Invention means any new and useful product or process in any area of technology; including any new and useful improvement to one of them. Whereas a “process” is any art, process, method, or type of new manufacture of a product and a “product” is any substance, object, device, or machine.

What is a Novelty?

An invention considers new or new if it does not belong to the state of the art. The prior art includes anything disclosed to the public anywhere in the world by physical or oral disclosure, use or otherwise prior to the filing, or as the case may be, the priority date of the application claiming the invention.

Patentable Invention in Pakistan:

In addition, a patentable an invention should have the following characteristics:

  • The invention should become process or product

  • The invention should be novel or new

  • It involves an inventive step

  • It is capable of industrial application

How to file a patent in Pakistan:

Patent applications examine from a technical and legal point of view. accordingly the Patent Ordinance of 2000 and the rules. Thus after accepting the Patent advertise in the Electronic Publication of Patents Journal under The Patents (Amendments) Act, 2016 for inviting opposition. We offer a wide range of services aimed at analyzing and protecting our clients’ inventions. If you need guidance on how to Protect your Invention or your national phase in Pakistan, feel free to contact us.

Filing a provisional patent application online:

We also provide online filing of patents in Pakistan according to patent law in Pakistan expertly.


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