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Appeal and revision in Criminal Procedure Code:

The right of appeal and Criminal Revision is filed in the High Court. The court can alter, the conviction under section 423, Cr. P. C from 304-A, Pakistan Penal Code (Act XLV of 1860) to section 304-II, P.P.C and may also enhance the sentence if deemed fit under section 438, Cr.

Criminal Revision, Criminal revision under CrPC Pakistan

What is the exact definition of a review?

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The Limitation Act provides for a criminal review under Article 131. It can file within 90 days of the decree or order passed through the convincing party. Section 50 of this law provides the court to allow a criminal review application after the expiration of the limitation period. It has also shown for accounting for the delay.

It is the power of Criminal Revision of the High Court to record any proceeding of which call by itself. And or which comes into his knowledge. The High court’s discretion to exercise any powers conferred on the Court of Appeal under-provision.

The Court can enhance the sentence and the judges composing the court of Criminal Revision equally divided in the opinion. The case will dismiss in the manner provided in the  Law of Pakistan.

An order under this section can not issue to the detriment of the accused. Unless he has the opportunity to hear in his own defense in person or by an applicant.

If the sentence dealt with in this section imposed by a judge, the Tribunal shall not impose a higher penalty for the offense which that court considers the defendant committed than that which imposed by a judge of the first for such offense Great.

Nothing in this section deemed to give authority to a High Court to convert an acquittal determination into a conviction or maintain an appeal proceeding in relation to a court judge’s order according to the law of Criminal Revision.

Who will initiate?

If there is a complaint according to this Criminal Revision complaint does not file. Then no revision procedure will initiate at the instigation of the party who filed the complaint.

Further without prejudice to the provisions of the law, any convicted person who given an opportunity under the above said paragraph to show a reason why their sentence shall not increase.

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