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Child Custody and Guardianship

No way to get guardianship of a child without knocking on the door of the court. We will assist you in all aspects of family disputes as we have the expertise and ability to successfully deal with your family issue.

Child Custody and Guardianship

What is the age limit for child custody in Pakistan:

“According to Muslim family law, mothers have uncontested custody of boys up to the age of seven, but fathers can deprive mothers of custody through the courts after the boy turns seven.

Custody of minor child to mother in Pakistan case law:

Mothers have the right to custody of male children until they reach the age of seven and female children until they reach puberty.

Furthermore Child Custody and Guardianship order issues from the Children’s Court.  Furthermore, this order become for a child in care outside the home, who for his own safety cannot become return to his family. In addition the context of a guardianship order, a child or adolescent is no longer considered to become in care or cared for outside the home. But in the independent care of his or her guardian.

Child custody becomes an acute problem after every divorce in Pakistan. Therefore you must need a Best Child Custody and Guardianship Attorney in Pakistan. Who helps both parents to learn about Court Appointed Guardian for Adults Guardianship of a Minor. Although every parent strives to get all sorts of legal provisions in order to get custody of their child. Even if being a single parent is difficult. Hence the Company provides Best Guardianship Attorney to its client. 

How to appoint an Attorney in Pakistan?

First of all you need to appoint a Child Custody and Guardianship Attorney for filing suit before concern court. In this regard Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co. very well known to get certificate of guardianship from concern court of law. Furthermore if the application concerns custody of a minor. And also it will file with the district court having jurisdiction over the minor’s place of usual residence.

Guardian appointed under the Guardians and Wards Act 1890?

Child Custody and Guardianship can appoint judicially “In the event of the death of the parents or the abandonment of the child” through judicial process. As well as by way of a will (testamentary guardian) if the parents want someone to act as a guardian for children. It will also implicate after their death according to Guardians and Wards Act 1890.

Moreover, Courts have the power to appoint trustees and ward’s for the property. In addition, the guardian is not a Collector, the Court may from time to time order, determine, limit or expand its power over the property of the guardian. And also patronise in such a way and to the extent that it can become consider an advantage. Hence handle the litigation of Best Child Custody and Guardianship Attorney in Pakistan who assist you for all aspects in this matter.

Power of Court to give Guardianship:

The Best Child Custody and Guardianship Attorney in Pakistan if you think with only one name in mind, Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co. his lawyers Company will prepare a guardianship case to file in a concerned court of law. After filing a suit in the concerned court for guardianship on behalf of any of the parties he or she. The court issued notice to another party to call him or her to file a written statement. Moreover, after the hearing, both party courts have the power to establish custody of a minor or a guardian of adults.

The court empowered to consider the application:

If the Court satisfy with grounds for proceeding on the application. Then it will fix a day for the hearing in Child Custody and Guardianship suite. After hearing both parties and their witnesses, the court decides on the appointment of a guardian. Hence this becomes when the court satisfies the well-being of the minor in the hands. In addition  if the application concerns custody of a minor, it will file with the district court having jurisdiction over the minor’s place of usual residence.

Requirement of filing suit for Guardianship:

For filing suit before the court of justice, it is also necessary to sign and verify before Oath Commissioner in the prescribed manner. And also in the application for Guardianship require to mention the name, sex, religion, date of birth and ordinary residence of the minor. If the minor is a female, whether she is married, and, if so, the name and age of her husband. Moreover the nature, situation and approximate value of the property, if any, of the minor.  

Moreover the name and residence of the person having the Child Custody and Guardianship or possession of the person or property of the minor. And it is also mentions what near relations the minor has, and where they reside. 

Permanent child custody in Pakistan:

After a dispute in the family child/children issue occurs between husband and wife. Every parent seeks child/ children custody. In this situation, a separate law Guardians and Wards Act is available for Family Disputes Solution in Pakistan. In such a situation, the aggrieved party files a suit for Child Custody and Guardianship in the Guardian & Ward Court. Every parent, who is aggrieved requesting custody of the child by the court. He/she will have to prove the best welfare of the minor is with him/her.

After divorce or separation between husband and wife, child custody is always the main dispute between parents of child/children. Usually, the court decides the suit of custody of the child/children on account of the financial health of the parent, the reputation of the parent in society, and the character of the parents. Moreover, in certain circumstances, the court also gives importance to the juvenile’s opinion to choose the parent with whom the juvenile wishes to live if the juvenile is old enough to form an intelligent opinion.

What we do?

Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co. has the best efficient family lawyers team, who offer you the expert opinion to achieve child custody by the court. We strategize your case to provide prompt, and possible custody of children by the court.


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Child Custody and Guardianship

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