A source of easy wealth in which more wealth is gained in less time. Cybercrime in Pakistan is growing rapidly due to which the buildings standing on the ground are weakening. Such people always target wealthy individuals or wealthy organizations such as banks, casinos, and financial firms, through which large sums of money pass daily and sensitive information is hacked. Catching such criminals is certainly difficult but not impossible.

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What do we do for our clients?

We are the best and we cooperate a lot with clients. We are always helping our clients with various issues and concerns in the process of collaborative change, including cybercrime in Pakistan.

The Internet is a new jurisdiction and area where all types of financial and other cybercrimes can be committed anonymously or using a fictitious identity. Our lawyers have been involved in the development of cybercrime law through our unique understanding of the combination of copyright law and experience in using search tools to analyse a computer’s hard drive.

To practice in the field of cybercrime, it is necessary to have experience with a computer. Lawyers must have experience with computer law and, in particular, computer evidence of admissibility.

What is cybercrime?

Actually Cybercrime in Pakistan is known as computer crime. Use your computer as a means of committing illegal activities such as fraud. This also applies to child pornography, intellectual property trafficking, identity theft, or invasion of privacy.

In addition, computers become the center of commerce, entertainment, and government, Cybercrime in Pakistan, especially on the Internet, is becoming more and more important.

One of the reasons why Cybercrime in Pakistan is increasing is that information technology has invaded our lives. Today no one can imagine an easy and luxurious life without information technology. Computers, scanners, websites around the world, intranet and internet, electronic messaging and email, electronic data transfer and information exchange, e-commerce, and banking systems are all based on the use of information technology or the use of different components.

These are daily necessities. They are widely used in our home, social and business life. Mobile phones, laptops, and modern computers use digital databases for a variety of purposes. Similarly, digital databases can be accessed internationally through intranet and the internet without any hassle or waste of time.

The advent of the information technology era has made our lives easier, but at the same time has given rise to various complex problems such as regulatory issues and the use of information technology for criminal and other nefarious purposes by various antisocial elements. Regulatory issues regarding the use of information technology require a legal framework and laws. Likewise, abuse and antisocial elements cause fear and anxiety not only in personal life but also in the normal course of social and commercial life in general.

However, since the use of information technology has no boundaries, it is very difficult to develop its regulatory regimes and regulatory laws to determine strict liability in the event of misuse and criminal use of various software, information technology techniques, and other related issues. Currently, all countries and countries face the same challenges in establishing effective regulatory regimes and legal systems for the proper use of information technology in certain parameters that are beneficial to society.



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