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Most Important Components of Justice System:

The Criminal Justice System is the body of laws and principles, which apply to those convicted of wrongdoing. In addition, Criminal Justice System is also one of the most important components of any society in the world. As well it describes the offenses, penalties, procedures, and methods of punishing those who violate the laws of society. Although Pakistan’s Criminal Justice System is commonly described as flawed and unfair because of the challenges it faces before the law is passed, during investigations, and finally, lengthy trials and court appeals.

Furthermore, the Criminal Justice System in Pakistan has the following five components:

In Pakistan Criminal Justice System, in terms of the organizational aspect, each province has its own police organization such as the Punjab Police, Sindh Police, KPK Police, and Baluchistan Police. Each province has its own organizational law. Despite the fact that the Prosecution has been separated from the police, it is still in its infancy, with no specialization or workload.

According to the criminal justice system, the magistrates’ and sessional courts deal with criminal cases. Unlike constitutional courts, which are constitutionally established and binding on the executive, magistrates’ and sessional courts are a product of the 1898 Code of Criminal Procedure and are, in fact, decisive facts.

The prisons operate as a department attached to the provincial interior departments. In the Criminal Justice System in Pakistan, conceptually, each district should have a district prison and each unit should have a central prison; however, in practice, district and central isolation wards were not distributed across all districts and districts of the country.

In accordance with the Criminal Justice System, the function of the prosecution is to assess the evidence collected by the police and to filter the quality and quantity of cases to be brought to trial. Historically, he was a member of the police organizations.

In Pakistan Criminal Justice System the term “probation” is based on two laws, titled the Tester’s Good Conduct Act of 1926 and the Trial of Offenders Ordinance 1960. The concept of a probationary period is that, for the first time, violators can be released on bail by a court. And the term parole is not defined by law. The 1927 parole rules apply to parole officers who oversee the “parole” of prisoners. The idea is that the provincial authorities can suspend a prisoner’s sentence and release him on the basis of a good conduct license.

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Whenever someone prosecuted by the Police, it is important to hire the right criminal defense attorney. It is also necessary to defend your case in the early stages. The criminal charges can frightening experience and hiring an inexperienced or incompetent lawyer. A competent lawyer represents you can only add stress to an already emotionally charged situation.

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