What is the main purpose of the juvenile justice system?

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Ensure that the rights of the child are protected throughout the process. As well as ensuring the informed participation of the child and the parent or guardian at every stage of the process. In addition, also ensure the protection of the rights of the child in all processes of detention, investigation, aftercare and rehabilitation.

What is Juvenile Justice System?

The Juvenile Justice System is an area of ​​criminal law that applies to individuals who are not old enough to become held accountable for criminal acts. In addition Juvenile Justice System in Pakistan deals with crimes committed by Pakistani children. Furthermore, the minimum age of criminal responsibility in Pakistan is seven years. Juvenile lawyers can help protect yourself from any issues related to juvenile law.

How does the juvenile justice system work?

Pakistan has separate juvenile and adult court systems. If a child or children commit a crime or misbehave before the age of 18 or before puberty, a juvenile court judge will hear the child’s offense. Although a juvenile is not automatically transferred to the adult criminal justice system, he can be brought to adult courts for serious offenses.

The Juvenile Justice System aims to rehabilitate by intervening in criminal activities through the police, courts, and prison. Likewise Juveniles and their carers may face a variety of consequences, including juvenile courts as well other medical treatment etc.

What we do in juvenile crime cases?

Juvenile Justice System allow to juveniles after arrest or during the trial, the juvenile has the right to appoint a lawyer. If your child arrested or someone takes legal action against a child in juvenile court, immediately call Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co. In addition, if your child is in trouble with the law when under 18 or not in college, he or she may be charged with common juvenile or student offense. At the same time, they also need an experienced criminal lawyer to defend their rights and fight for their future.

Common Offenses Committed by Juveniles:

According to the Juvenile Justice System, criminal cases against children handle differently from adults. Likewise, criminal courts long recognized that the developing mind of children is incapable of understanding their actions and understanding the consequences. In this way, juvenile offenders guaranteed a unique, rehabilitation-oriented approach. Just as sympathy for children accused of crimes, Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co diligently represent them in the Juvenile Justice System. In the same way our law Company can protect your child from prosecution in all cases, including:

Dedicated to justice for the juvenile justice system:

We have dedicated over 20 years of our careers to the practice of criminal law. Our many years of experience as a trial attorney in Pakistan give us insight into procedures and perspectives on the Juvenile Justice System in Pakistan. In addition, we have experienced with the Juvenile Justice System in the fight for alternatives for underage clients. When your child is in trouble, this level of experience and commitment can be critical.

In the same way as your child’s situation, you need to have an experienced lawyer. Similarly, he fights to keep them in the juvenile court system. When a juvenile’s case become transfer to the adult system the focus is on punishment rather than rehabilitation. And the likelihood that he or she will go to jail increases.

The Juvenile Justice System process, a teenager does not have all the same rights as an adult. However, all teenagers are entitled to a lawyer who will represent and defend them. If you or your child is in trouble with the law. It’s time to call Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co., who appoints an experienced attorney in your case. And aggressive juvenile defense attorneys are the best way for a teenager to avoid a juvenile criminal record and harsh penalties such as incarceration.

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