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The following guides will help you understand the legal facts and determine what qualities to look for when choosing a criminal lawyer to handle a case under Criminal Law Pakistan.

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How to Choose the Right Criminal Lawyer for Your Case?

If you have faced criminal charges and are facing criminal charges, you will need a criminal defense attorney to fight for you. Using their knowledge of state laws, they will argue for your case not to be filed, to be dismissed, or to have the charges against you reduced. Getting and retaining the best criminal defense attorney to fight your case is a highly recommended strategy. A lot of caution is required in this matter, otherwise, you will get entangled like a spider caught in its web

Qualities of a Top Criminal Defense Attorney:

A top criminal defense Attorney can be identified by the following characteristics.

1. Knowledge of criminal law:

A criminal lawyer must not only know the criminal laws but also be able to apply those laws that exist, the lawyer must also be smart. That they should be aware of the latest facts in this area. He must be aware of the cases that may be brought against him and therefore have a proper defense strategy in place. He must also be aware of any hidden consequences of admitting guilt.

2. Must be confidential elements:

The defense attorney must take confidential your information because as a client, you expect the information you share with your attorney to remain confidential. Your criminal defense attorney should be able to gather evidence from an outside source without revealing any other information that could harm you.

3. Be determined:

A good criminal defense lawyer should not rush you but be patient enough to gain knowledge of the case and patiently commit to completing his client’s work so that the client is satisfied and fully committed to your case. It should be done because the result can change your future for a long time.

4. Experience is very important:

No matter how trivial the case is, a good lawyer doesn’t care how trivial the case is, look for a lawyer who has special experience in handling criminal cases. Check their bio to see how they helped their previous answerers. If you are guilty, a criminal defense lawyer with relevant experience will likely be able to recommend an alternative sentence for the prosecution. Some of these options include house arrest, drug rehabilitation programs, therapy, and community service.

5. Proficient conduct of trial testimony:

If you have witnesses to defend your case, your criminal defense attorney should prepare them in advance. This includes providing them with relevant information and guidance on how to deal with any embarrassment or stress during the hearing. Although the whole case depends on the witnesses and if the witnesses are properly examined then the case is clear and it is not difficult to prove falsehood.

What we do?

We have expert Criminal Defence Attorney of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, who are dealing with many serious nature cases likewise Murder, Attempt to Murder, Kidnapping / Abduction, Rape, Gang Rape, Sexual Abuse of a Minor, Burglary, Dacoity, Robbery, Burglary, Fraud, Racketeering, Drug trafficking, Smuggling, Money Laundering, Extortion, Ransom, Political Violence, Cattle Theft, Other Theft, etc.

Criminal Law Pakistan considers conduct or can construct as a crime against society. Society or the state, even if the direct victim is an individual. As like murder, assault, theft, and drunk driving. We understand Criminal Law Pakistan that criminal cases are very stressful so it needs guide to clients. Due to which we give knowledge to the clients regarding every aspect of their case or cases, explaining the options and alerting that how things might develop or change at every stage.

For matters relating to Criminal Law Pakistan, Criminal Justice Defense Lawyers now the search for expert defense lawyers has ended because Ahmed Ali Dewan & Co., having excellent practitioners in the field of  Criminal Law in Pakistan. As well as we have highly experienced in defending criminal litigation, investigation, or prosecution. Furthermore we well known legal expert among the best in the country of Pakistan. Otherwise, it has an excellent National reputation and a proven track record with decades of experience defending complex and high-profile criminal cases from the Lower to Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Whenever someone prosecuted by the Police, it is important to hire the right criminal defense attorney. It is also necessary to defend your case in the early stages. The criminal charges can frightening experience and hiring an inexperienced or incompetent lawyer. A competent lawyer represents you can only add stress to an already emotionally charged situation.


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