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Skilled Attorneys at Law in Pakistan

We are providing legal advice and representation to clients on a wide range of legal issues, including Intellectual Property, Corporate and criminal matters. They have a deep understanding of the law and are equipped to handle even the most complex legal cases.

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Practice Areas

Our goal is to help people settle disputes and conflicts in a peaceful and amicable manner. We believe in fighting for justice and strive to make it a reality for all.

Intellectual Property

We provide a range of services to help individuals and businesses protect their intellectual property.

Corporate Services

Our variety of services, including business consulting, financial planning, marketing, and more to help achieve your goal.

Family Law

This service offers collaborative and inclusive dispute resolution to experienced mediators and counselors.

Criminal Law

If you have faced criminal charges and are facing criminal charges, you will need a criminal defense attorney to fight for you.

Real Estate Law

Our real estate marketing service do help to clients in real estate industry to sell their properties faster best possible price.

Madrid Protocol

The Madrid Protocol is a system that enables trademark owners to protect their trademarks in multiple countries.

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Our Valuable Attorneys

They are the top-level decision-makers who work together to set strategic goals, develop policies, and oversee operations. Executive team members typically have extensive experience and a deep understanding of their industry.

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Ahmed Ali Dewan

Advocate Supreme Court
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Kausar Ali Dewan

IP Consultant
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Shah Faisal Qureshi


Legal Representation

From corporate law and intellectual property to family law and criminal defense, our team of experienced attorneys is equipped to handle any legal matter with skill and professionalism.

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Our valuable clients worldwide are the backbone of our business. We are grateful for their trust and loyalty, and we take pride in serving them with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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